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Happy New Year Folks, 2014 is here and changes are underway at NCTX-Scanner. We are working on a new web design and a few new features to go with the online notification campaign.  2014 might even be the year we release a mobile app. Yes we have had one in development for a while already.

The heavy advertising on the sidebars will be going away with the new web design. It clutters the page and just hasn’t generated any money. Who want’s to click on ad’s anyways? We also lost the Wiki page, Go Daddy, our hosting service screamed as we were using too much data for it so to keep them happy we dumped it. Because of this we are looking into a obtaining a new web hosting company for 2014.

The Scanner feeds will remain active. We received a new streaming PC recently that now hosts our scanner feed and free’s up the main computer and laptops. The feed is sounding much better with new audio cables and sound cards. NCTX-Scanner Texoma feed continues to carry Cooke, Fannin & Grayson counties in Texas with Texas DPS and Parks and Wildlife. We added Red River county and the city of Clarksville to the feed.

Eventually we plan to introduce a third scanner to Handle Southern Oklahoma exclusively. We will do this when the antenna goes up another 10 feet or so. The two current feeds will be split to handle Texas agencies on one feed and State agencies on the other.

Hey, there is a chat room if your interested in chatting and meeting new people, its free to use but we ask that you keep it clean. We may be adding forums to the site soon and we have a great classified advertising section that we will be working on. If you have something to sell or have a service, email us the details and we’ll post in the classifieds.

Heads up Western Fannin & Eastern Grayson County! The new Savoy Police Link repeater is  on the air. This repeater is located on the Savoy Water tower on Water St. behind the Savoy Fire Station. This site will repeat 154.7250 the Fannin Co. Law Enforcement channel well into Grayson Co. The receive frequency is 152.4575 PL: 210.7


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462.7000/467.7000 PL: 100.0 FCC License Required!


Like listening to the Federal Government? While its boring the Bonham VA Hospital offer some interesting radio communications. But you will need a Digital Scanner to hear the best they have to offer.

  • 408.2375 132 DCS VA Police Department
  • 407.5000 293 NAC VA Facilities Maintenance
  • 410.5500 293 NAC VA Facilities Operations (Veteran care/house keeping)


The Commerce Police Department has moved to P25 Digital full time. This is part of the push for Hunt County to move to full time Digital. Currently Greenville Police and Fire use Digital full time but now Commerce PD has made the jump. 

  • 158.8050 116 NAC Commerce Police Dispatch

Fannin County Repeater System


  • 154.7250 173.8 PL Sheriff’s Office Main Repeater
  • 154.7250 293 NAC Sheriff’s Office Digital Repeater
  • 152.4575 210.7 PL Northwest Link to 154.7250 (Located in Savoy)
  • 159.9000 503 DCS Southwest Link to 154.7250 (Located in Trenton)
  • 153.2300 141.3 PL Southeast Link to 154.7250 (Located in Ladonia)
  • 155.5725 023 DCS South Fire Repeater (Located in Bailey)
  • 154.4150 172 DCS North Fire Repeater (Located North of Ivanhoe)
  • 154.5050 254.1 PL Southeast Fire Repeater (Located in Ladonia)
  • 155.7750 186.2 PL Fannin County Commissioner (Services) Repeater




Just Use Comm Sense if you plan to burn! 


Updated: April 2, 2014 — 7:15 pm

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